So you have a model-railroading related LaunchPad project that you'd like to share on the blog.  All submissions are gratefully accepted - this is a crowd-sourced effort!  

In preparing a submission, please keep it simple.  Remember this is a blog where the non-techies will come to just grab some code, compile and go and they may not be inclined to follow a bunch of techno-geek speak.  On the other hand you should at least explain how your code and the project operates so that the technically inclined can modify or extend your work.

So I've compiled some suggestions for what you should submit with your project.  These are not hard and fast rules and no appropriate project will be rejected for not following them.

  • A brief description of the theory of operation
  • A list of the target LaunchPad and any additional hardware (LEDs, displays, motors, servos, etc.)
  • A description of how the code works
  • A schematic Diagram
  • A pictorial block diagram (see the excellent ones in the posts by Steve Hofmeister)
  • The code listing
  • A link to a file with the ready-to-compile code (compatible with Code Composer Studio)
  • A video (optional)
  • Please comment your code so that the moderately tech-savvy can follow the logic.
  • Please explicitly release your code under the Creative Commons license so that others can use your code in good faith (find out about the Creative Commons License here:
Your code should be compatible with Code Composer Studio (CCS).  Why?  Because CCS is free; it's maintained by TI, so it will be the reference software for LaunchPad development and we have to settle on some common development environment for the non-programmers.

When you have something to submit please contact me via the comments or via the e-mail address in my Google profile.  I'll see to it that your project gets posted.  Serial contributors will be put on the contributors list and will be able to upload their own projects.  I reserve the right to take down inappropriate postings.

What would be inappropriate?  Anything that is not model railroad related or only tangentially model railroad related.  Any posting that is blatantly commercial. Posts that don't actually have a project. Plus anything that flames, demeans, attacks anyone or any company.  Disagreements should be taken off of this blog.


  1. Can you provide a link to the Creative Commons license requirements? Or maybe a file we can download and include in our code for the same?

  2. Terry,
    I looked at your Blogger profile, but I don't see an email link. Am I looking in the wrong place? I have an updated version of the code for your traffic light which uses the __delay_cycles(); function. It gives a consistent delay in terms of 10ms units and cuts the code from 748 bytes to around 550. I also re-arranged the way the LEDs were turned on to allow the RED-RED delay before changing the opposing route GREEN. Let me know if you want to post it and get those N scale traffic lights up on your Shapeways sight! Either post mounted 4 way or hanging will be fine :)

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  4. Terry, I'm having the same problem as Toni is. Is your email posted somewhere on this site? If so, I can't find it. Any help here?